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Looking for a DTF Roll Printing Services?

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Print on Demand using DTF Technology

In our youtube journey, we have faced a lot’s of struggle in our journey and become expert in print of demand technology. So we thought an idea to share our expertise with you so that you can save your time and money.

We want to be your perfect partner for print on demand dropshipping. You just focus on creating designs and we will handle everything for you.

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Let's plan our Print on Demand Journey

How do we Start and Execute

Product Customisation

As of now, we only work with Tshirts so first your choose the fabric according to the your customer need. You can also purchase your fabric and store it in our inventory.

Print and Design

You design your creative and provide to us. Once we get the order list, we will choose the design according to order and print on the website.

Shipping and Delivery

Once we get the order, we will dispatch in 1-2 days from our end. You don't need to worry about delivery as we have tie-up with 3rd party providers and using services of top courier partners.

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FAQs on Print on Demand Dropshipping

1. How to start tshirt business in India?

If you are first time entrepreneur and want to start t-shirt printing business then you need to follow few things:

  • You need to manufacture your own fabric with large quantity as manufacturer don’t entertain small quantity orders
  • In case if you go for large quantity then there may be a risk of inventory stuck at your end because of low order volume.

To avoid this scenario, you need to start small and need for a private vendor who can serve you with small quantity.

2. What are the dropshipping business ideas?

You can choose variety of products which includes Tshirt, Mugs, Home Decor, Jewellery, Books related things. But our expertise is only in Print on Demand Tshirts and Mugs. Our aim is to work with very few clients and satisfied them with the services.

3. I am little worried about my design and how do I protect them?

We spoke to lot’s of people and everyone has the same question so we have put it in our FAQs. We are very much aware that it takes lot of hard work and time to create a design which can sell in the market like hot cake.

But we are very much clear about the transparency and we will assure you the protection of your design and even we can go for legal agreement if you want.

4. How much dropshipping cost?

We hate hidden charges so let’s discuss in detail. But first understand the steps involved in dropshipping which include – Fabric + Printing + Shipping. We don’t charge you anything on the above as the charges will be actual. But in order to run the operations and give you better services, we will charge a fee (service charge) in the range of 50 INR – 85 INR only.

We will discuss in details about the fabric and will guide you about shipping, printing and other things. All the controls will be in your hand from beginning to end and we will guarantee you the lowest dropshipping charges from the other market player.

5. I don't have website but I want to start t-shirt printing business online. So how do I start print on demand dropshipping ?

We are the best dropshipping companies in India but working closely to few sellers. To run the print on demand operation, you need website, designs and audience network/ad expertise, rest everything will be handled by us.

So we have a list of freelancers who are website developer, ad experts and graphic designers who will help you in creating everything from scratch.